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Flair Bartending show

Fire Flair Bartending show

UV Flair Bartending show

UV & Fire Flair Bartending show

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Molecular Cocktail Catering

UV Shots’s & Cocktails 


Serina Tuna & Super Foods

Serina Tuna with Bruschetta & Crackers


One by One summer launch

Bondi Blue

Budgie smuggler Promo

Vantage – Spirit of a nation

Stereosonic Sydney – VIP Vodka O Bar

Grand Canyon Video


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Agwa De Bolivia

How to make a Peach Bellini

How to make a Devil’s Pie Cocktail

How to make the Marsupalami Cocktail

How to make a Passion Fruit & Cardamom Mojito

Citrus Harvest Shot

Vanilla & Grapefruit Old Fashioned 

Cardamom & Tequila Blu Mojito

How to make a Spiced Tonic Mocktail

How to make a Virgin Mary Mocktail

How to make a Brown Sugar Mocktail

How to make a Ginger Lime Ade Mocktail

How to make a Sparkling Pom Collins Mocktails

How to make a Shirley Temple Mocktail

How to make a Lime Rickey Mocktail